Roberto Cavicchioni
18 Apr 2016

Deep chunky bass, warm percussion and rapturous female voices screem out the second solo release by roman DJ and producer Roberto Cavicchioni aka Robert Sandra (Spaceland Records, Perfekt Records, Italica Records, DVS Records). Charla Alert: Dancefloor-Killer on the Loose !
Roberto Cavicchioni was born in 1979, begins playing tech house music in 2003.
Over the years he reached blending tech house music even with latin sounds, brushing the oriental music panorama producing Compostela, Hunkapi, Basarabia, Stupa, and Maflar. Roberto Cavicchioni aka (robert Sandra ), together with the singer Cindy Anne produced MY LIFE funky house music genre. Now he works together with tech house artists of Jet set of Rome.