Various Artists
Agua De Tenerife La Selección
16 Dec 2016

We’ve been asked to put a new fragrance-brand into music, to transform a project
into a unique creation that stimulates delightful emotions..

Here is

“Agua De Tenerife – La Selección”


1. Koss feat. Livia Ferri “In Your Hands”
2. Miskibo “Dutchy (Haldo’s deep mix)”
3. Odo Makes a Smile “The Lost Luv”
4. F. Physical “Your Loving Arms”
5. Haldo feat. Lavinia “Boulevard”
6. Harley & Muscle feat. D.Tallman “He Did It” (Deep Version)
7. Haldo “Moody”
8. Luca Guerrieri feat. Stefano ‘Cocco’ Cantini “Saxability”
9. DHJ “Shapeshifter”
10. Luca Guerrieri Last Chance (Unreleased Mix)
11. Haldo “I’m calling you”
12. Haldo & Mascaro “Beautiful”
13. Domu feat. Valerie Etienne “Sail Away With Me” (Rima Vocal Remix)
14. Luca Guerrieri “Destino”